Photography by

Gavin Thompson

February Competition News

It's been a few months since my last update and thought it was time to devote some time to my Website. It's been a busy couple of months also, as I had decided late last year to join the Port Adelaide Camera Club. I was very nervous leading into my first ever photo competition as I normally don't show my work to anyone. My partner had been prompting me for the last year or so to start showing more of my work and by joining the club it was going to force me to do that. What made me more nervous was knowing that my photos were going to be judged by some tough critics who are looking for faults within a photo.

The lead up to it was intense, trying to narrow down so many photos into a total of 8 pictures with 4 in the Nature category and 4 in the Open category. After printing off a selection of photos and laying them out on the floor I began the task of whittling each category down to the required four photos for each category. I then had to decide which two were going to be submitted in printed and which two for projected for each of the two categories.

Leading up to competition night I was second guessing myself if I had selected the right images. Then the judging started and hearing the comments about the other photos leading up to mine being presented was making me even more nervous. Then the moment when they appear. I will say the outcome of the first meeting even surprised me. I managed to score two 8's and two 9's in my first ever competition.

The above photo (Fairyland) scored a 9 in Printed Nature. Considering this was shot around three years ago I was extremely happen that it did so well. These little guys just magically appear every year under our almond tree and only last the morning. Normally the grass is damp and having to lay down to capture this shot was well worth it now. Each time I look at this photo I can image little fairies running around under these.

The next photo (Pondering) also scored a 9 but this time in Projected Nature. This was a more recent shot which was taken on my holidays at Christmas time down at Ross in Tasmania. I love this photo as the duck was completely relaxed as I took this photo. The colours of his feathers are just gorgeous. The spot where this was taken was just off to the side of the Historic Ross Bridge. It's a beautiful spot and we ended up sitting there for an hour or so just relaxing.

I'm so glad that I have now completed my first ever photography competition and I'm now looking forward to showing more of my work now. If any of you are interested in coming down and taking a look at the Port Adelaide Camera Club please feel free to come on down and take a look. We meet the first and third Tuesdays of the month from 7:30 PM onwards in the Basement of the Uniting Church, Cnr Charlotten Ave & Commercial Rd, Port Adelaide. More details can be found on the clubs Facebook page which can be found here. If you do come down, say hi to me, as I'm only to glad to talk shop to other photographers.