Photography by

Gavin Thompson

Is Film Photography Dead?

Today I watched a great little video titled "Long Live Film" by Indie Film Lab. If any of you want to watch it, it can be found here on YouTube

While I was watching the video it got me thinking about my photography and the way I shoot. There is definitely some merits to shooting film and I suppose the biggest thing to take out of this is to slow down and think about what you are wanting to shoot and making sure that you have the shot that you really want before squeezing that shutter button instead of snapping away and shooting fifty shots before you get the picture that you want. Not only do you get a better picture but think of the time that you wont have to spend in front of the computer monitor having to deal with the other forty nine images that you created for that one picture that you wanted.

The other thing that I took away from this video was about staying in the moment. I like so many others have been guilty of this. How many of you out there, when shooting digital have taken several shots only to stop and then review your images to only then miss a spectacular moment that you could have caught if only you hadn't been looking at the LCD screen on your camera? Hands up on that one, as only the other day we had a massive electrical storm unfolding with lightning strikes happening all over the place. I'd set up with the camera facing towards the ocean and had fired off several long exposure shots. Started to review what I had captured only to miss the one moment that I had staid up for to capture. This also applies to when you're shooting portraits or weddings. Instead of spending time staring at the LCD you can be building rapport with your client which can only be a positive as it can only help when it comes to focusing on getting that shot you want.

The other off spin from shooting film is that along the way you may end up creating some great images with great tonal range and texture. Film has always had that romantic quality about it which I love. I for one will be shooting more film after watching this as it will help in developing some good habits which can only help in creating better images and as one of the photographers that was interviewed said "People act like film is so difficult. Think about it, your grand mother use to do it. How hard can it be!"